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Welcome to Sheka Nordic honey and bees wax development industrial

Organic Tropical Poly-flora Sheka Honey & Bees Wax from Ethiopia
Sheka Nordic honey and beeswax dev. Ind. (hereafter Sheka Nordic) has been established in 2012 by a Norwegian Diaspora named Yohannes, Haileselassie on the premise of his own ‘General survey of beekeeping in Ethiopia’ conducted in 2011.
Since its establishment, Sheka Nordic has set up a beekeeping farm, a wood workshop where to produce transitional and modern beehives, as well as Honey and Bees Wax processing plant with the objectives of supplying good quality organic Tropical poly-flora honey, Organic Bees Wax and other apiculture products to local & international market.
Sheka Forest is located in the Sheka Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples (SNNP) Regional State. The Sheka forest covers a unique bio-geographic unit extending from cold and very wet highlands bordering Illubabor zone of Oromia regional state and Kafa zone to hot lowland areas bordering Gambella regional state and the Bench-Maji zone. The whole area is very diverse, with contrasting landscape elements, habitats, and cultural practices.The Sheka forest is adapted to be biosphere reserves because it fulfills the three functions of biosphere reserve-namely the conservation, development, and logistics support functions to the desired level.
In terms of the conservation function, the forest contributes to the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic variation.
The forest is rich in both plant and animal species. There are over 300 higher plants, 50 mammals, 200 birds, and 20 amphibian species, occurring in all habitats. Out of these, at least 55 plants, and 10 birds are endemic to Ethiopia.

Why work with us

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  • Customers would be interested in our business as we produce and supply:-
  • Quality Organic Tropical Poly-flora Honey and
  • Quality Organic Bees Wax.

We target the following

  • Export: -Our primary customer is any company, be it from Europe, United states of America, Japan and etc. which deliberates the basic International trade transaction criteria that is coherent with trade policy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; for which advance payment is appreciable, L/C is acceptable, and the combination of L/C and CAD is negotiable
  • Domestic:- Legally eligible whale seller who is efficient and capable to distribute and market our products locally.


What makes us different

  • More customers would choose us, because of our continuity and steadiness in supplying our products.
  • Customers would rely upon Sheka Nordic’s supply as it is situated amid the Sheka Biosphere reserve and operates within the Sheka Honey basin itself.