Sheka Nordic honey and bees wax

About us


Who We Are

Sheka Nordic is a development-oriented private owned business organization mainly designed for transforming traditional beekeeping into viable modern bee farming. Moreover, it is also designed to transform the increased supply of honey and beeswax locally produced into finished products that meet the demand of international market.
Thus, Sheka Nordic compiles the transformation of traditional beekeeping into modern bee farming and channels its effect of an increase in the supply of output into a processing plant which in turn produces finished products (Honey and Bees Wax) that are channeled into the International marketLocation
Sheka Nordic is located in Masha town, Masha district of Sheka zone in SNNPRS of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The industry is virtually situated amid “the Sheka forest in Sheka zone that covers a unique biosphere which extends from cold and very wet highlands to hot lowlands.
The Sheka forest is part of the Sheka Biosphere Reserve in southwest highland forests of Ethiopia which is important for the conservation of afro-mountain forest vegetation types, especially the afro Montana rainforest and alpine bamboo thickets which make up the organic honey basin for Sheka Nordic products.


The vision of Sheka Nordic is to be a leading exporter of organic honey and Bees Wax to the international market.


Our mission is to transform traditional beekeeping into viable modern bee farms, put in place out-growers scheme; train beekeepers, women, and elder peoples together with youth so as to empower the endogenous people and thereby attain the steady increase in the supply of honey together with the improvement of their livelihood.